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Organic Chemical Compounds

Leading Wholesaler of furfuryl alcohol, methyl iso butyl ketone, allyl alcohol, hexylene glycol, propionaldehyde and ethylene diamine from Mumbai.
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  • Furfuryl Alcohol
  • Furfuryl Alcohol
Furfuryl Alcohol
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Furfuryl Alcohol

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Product Details:
Purity %99%
Packaging Details200 litres Drum
Usage/ApplicationFlavoring agent in foods, For synthesis of resins, Wetting agent
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
CAS No98-00-0
SynonymsFurylcarbinol, Furfuranol, 2-Furanmethanol, C5H6O2
Chemical FormulaC5H6O2
EC No.202-626-1
Physical StateLiquid
OdourBurning odor
Molecular Weight98.10 g/mol
Density1.13 at 68 DegreeF
Melting Point244 K
Boiling Point171 DegreeF
Solubility in waterMiscible
Vapor pressure1.0 mmHg at 31.8 C
Flash Point65 DegreeC

Furfuryl Alcohol Price List

Packaging DetailsPrice
1 litre bottleRs 150
25 kg BagRs 29000

Get Best price of >99% pure 200 litres drum of Furfuryl Alcohol CAS No. 98-00-0, C5H6O2. It is used in solvents, manufacturing of resins & adhesives.

Physical and Chemical Properties:
Physical state and appearanceClear Colorless to light yellow
OdorBurning (Slight.)
Molecular Weight98.1g/mole
Boiling Point171°C (339.8°F)
Flash point65°C
Melting Point-14.6°C (5.7°F) (ITI, 1985) -31 C (Lewis, 1989)
Specific Gravity1.1296 (Water = 1)
Vapor Pressure0.1 kPa (@ 20°C)
Vapor Density1.003 (Air = 1) (Peer Reviewd; Clayton, G.D. and Clayton, F.E.) 3.38 (Air = 1) (NFPA)
Water/Oil Dist. CoeffThe product is more soluble in oil; log(oil/water) = 0.3
Assay98.5% min
Furfural0.7% max
Refractive index1.485 - 1.488 (at 20 c)
Clouding point10 c max
Acid value0.6mg koh/g max

  • As a solvent for cellulose ethers & esters
  • Ester gum
  • Dyes
  • Coumarone & natural resins
  • In the manufacturing of phenolic resins & dark-colored thermosetting resins
  • Used as liquid propellant
  • Manufacturing of wetting agents


  • Suspected of causing cancer
  • Causes damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure
  • Toxic if inhaled
  • Vapor irritates eyes
  • Ingestion causes headache, nausea and irritation of mouth and stomach

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Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone
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Methyl Iso Butyl Ketone

Product Price : Get Latest Price
Product Details:
Purity %> 99%
CAS No108-10-1
Packaging Details200 litres Drum
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
Usage/Applicationprinting ink manufacturing, production of rubber, solvent in paints and lacquers, production of surface coating
SynonymsIsobutyl methyl ketone, 4 Methyl 2 Pentanone, Hexone, Isopropyl acetone
Chemical FormulaC6H12O
Physical and Chemical Properties:
Physical state and appearance Liquid.
Molecular Weight 100.16 g/mole
Boiling Point 115.9°C (240.6°F)
Melting Point -84°C (-119.2°F)
Specific Gravity 0.802 (Water = 1)
Vapor Pressure: 15.7 mm of Hg (@ 20°C)
Vapor Density 3.45 (Air = 1)
Odor Threshold 0.1 ppm
Water/Oil Dist. Coeff: The product is equally soluble in oil and water; log(oil/water) = 0.1
Dispersion Properties See solubility in water
Solubility Partially soluble in cold water.
Acidity as CH3COOH, mass % 0.01 max
Methyl iso-butyl ketone
(dry basis), mass %
99.50 min
Mesityl oxide, mass % 0.20 max
Acetone, mass % 0.10 max
Methyl iso-butyl
Carbinol, mass %
0.30 max

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Allyl Alcohol
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Allyl Alcohol

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Product Details:
Purity %>99%
Packaging Details200 litres Drum
Usage/Applicationpolymers, Manufacturing glycerol, plasticizers, pesticides
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
CAS No107-18-6
SynonymsC3H6O, propenol, Vinyl carbinol, Allylic alcohol
Chemical FormulaC3H6O
Physical StateLiquid
We offer Allyl Alcohol. It is used as an antiseptic, disinfectant, ointments, in the treatment of chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis, hidradenitis suppurativa and eczema of a sub-acute character. In addition, 2% solution used as a spray is marked effect in hay fever and whooping cough. Its physical state and appearance is in the form of white crystals or powder. It has 0.02% moisture level that offers it long shelf life.


  • Soluble in water
  • Blocks the area easily
  • Easy to mix with other chemicals

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Hexylene Glycol
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Hexylene Glycol

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We offer Hexylene Glycol that is formulated by cutting edge manufacturing process under rigid standards of quality as per well defined industry norms. It is used as an anti-caking agent for chemical and derivative industries. It is also used extensively in hydraulic fluids, aqueous emulsions, and oil emulsions. Our valued customers can avail it at leading industry rates.


  • Seamless production process
  • Matchless purity

Physical and chemical properties:

Physical state and Appearance:




Molecular Weight:

118.18 g/mole



Boiling Point:

197 (386.6) - 198° C

Melting Point:

-50 - (-58)

Specific Gravity:

0.9254 @ 17 C; 0.9234 @ 20 C (Water = 1)

Vapor Pressure:

0.05 mm of Hg (@ 20)

Vapor Density:

4.1 (Air = 1)

Odor Threshold:

50 ppm

Dispersion Properties:

See solubility in water, diethyl ether


Easily soluble in cold water. Soluble in diethyl ether. Soluble in alcohol, lower aliphatic hydrocarbons. Soluble in a variety of organic solvents. Miscible with fatty acids

Specific Gravity 20/20 °C:


Distillation Range at 760 mm Hg (IP) °C:


Distillation Range at 760 mm Hg (DP) °C:


Purity, % w/w:


Acidity as acetic Acid, % w/w:


Water, % w/w:


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Product Details:
Purity %>99%
CAS Number123-38-6
Chemical FormulaC3H6O
SynonymsPropanal, Propaldehyde
We offer Propionaldehyde. It is solely used as a reactive chemical intermediate. It is converted into other chemicals suitable in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, perfumes, plastics, and polyols or polyhydric alcohols. In addition, it is mainly used as a chemical building block in the production of n-Propanol and propionic acid. The substance physical state and appearance is in the form of clear colorless liquid. It has suffocating odor having boiling point melting point -81°C (-113.8°F).


  • High sensitivity
  • Not soluble in water
  • 99.5% purity

Physical and Chemical Properties:

Melting Point-81°C (-113.8°F)
Specific Gravity0.8071 (Water = 1)
Vapor Pressure235 mm of Hg (@ 20°C)
Vapor Density2 (Air = 1)
SolubilityEasily soluble in methanol, diethyl ether, acetone. Soluble in cold water.
Appearance (colour, Hazen)15
Acid (as propionic) %0.2
Purity (as water free), %99.5
Water, % by wt,1.5

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Ethylene Diamine
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Ethylene Diamine

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Physical and Chemical Properties:
Physical state and appearanceLiquid. (clear viscous liquid.)
Molecular weight60.1 g/mole
Ph (1% soln/water):not available
Boiling point117.2°c (243°f)
Critical temperatureNot available.
Flash pointClosed cup: 34°c (93.2°f).
Melting point8.5°c (47.3°f)
Specific gravity0.897 - 0.910 (water = 1)
Vapor pressure:10.7 mm of hg (@ 20°c)
Vapor density2.07 (air = 1)
Volatility100% (v/v).
Odor threshold10.2 ppm
Dispersion propertiesSee solubility in water
SolubilityEasily soluble in cold water
Assay99.0% min
Distillation range115 C min (I.B.P), 119C max (D.P.)
Water0.55% max

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Tertiary Butylamine
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Tertiary Butylamine

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We offer Tertiary Butylamine. This is widely used as ingredient in cosmetics such as creamers; jellies and lotions. PEG-400 is added to lotions intended to have a mild relaxing effect on skin. PEG - 400 is a superior and thermally stable heating medium hot bath application. Also find uses in toothpaste to remove dirt on the teeth and in cosmetics soaps as a wetting agent preventing the soap from cracking.


  • High enduring capacity
  • Mixture of compounds
  • 100% purification allowed

Physical and Chemical Properties:

Physical state and Appearance :Colorless liquid
Odor :Ammonia odor.
Color :Colorless.
Boiling Point :44 - 46 C
Melting Point :-67 C
Vapor Density (Air=1) :2.5
Specific Gravity :0.696
Vapor Pressure :362 @ 25C (77F)
Solubility :Miscible in water
Ter. –GC, % :> 99=.5
Water DIN 51777, 1, % :>= 0.10
Colour DIN 51777,1, APHA :<= 25

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Methyl Cyclohexane

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Product Details:
Packaging TypeDRUM
Packaging Size155 KGS
Methylcyclohexane is an organic compound with the molecular formula is CH???C???H??????. Classified as saturated hydrocarbon, it is a colourless liquid with a faint odor. Methylcyclohexane is used as a solvent. It is mainly converted in naphtha reformers to toluene.

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